Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday update: YAY for not busting ass!

Tuesday evening, we had our first practice in our new venue (Houston Indoor Sports, 221 Barren Springs, Houston 77090, off I-45 North between Richey Road and Airtex behind Lupe Tortilla). It's HUGE - it's a mammoth steel building with two full-size Plexiglas-fenced rinks. The floor is not typical rink; it's these weird almost-white but sort-of-blue tiles that feel almost spongy. There was dust everywhere from construction, so we didn't slide at all. Made T-stopping easy!

Mary Choppins worked with us baby-intermediates all evening. She is a wonderful teacher. She drilled us on footwork, the drunk walk, toe-stop starts, duck-walking, snowplowing, and the dreaded turnaround toe-stop. We all improved. Most of us fell (surprisingly, not me - I am sorta curious to find out how hard that spongy-looking floor really is). I still look like a dipshit out there, but not quite as bad as I did two months ago.

Last night was laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Bummed that I missed the Wednesday craft night, but the laundry had to get done (we were approaching emergency underwear mode).

Today some boring, some fun ... I have a dentist appointment at two. I also have to go pick up my new glasses (yay) and head to the Montrose Skate Shop for toe guards (YAY). I do plan to skate tonight ... cheap skate at DARR if anyone wants to join me!

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