Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm back! and I have a derby JOB

Last night - my first night on skates after a five-month LOA - was wonderful. Just wonderful. Since I wasn't sure I had any mad skills left, I skated with the newbies, who are all sweet as can be, and who are all frankly better than I was my second week. Turns out I remember a lot, and I got to work on turnaround toe stops for quite some time. Kiki Mojo worked with us, and in addition to being darling, she's encouraging and helpful and keeps an eye on strange things new girls tend to do.

I did not eat it once, except when scheduled to do so. My falls felt really good, especially the baseball slide, and I didn't sit on my skate while doing so. Note to self: work on dropping onto the left knee. For some reason, my legs rebel against that and don't want me to do it. Gotta fix that!

Next week, I hope to be back on the track with the intermediate 1 group. My insurance isn't in effect yet, so I don't want to do contact drills quite yet ... but I'm getting there.

So my derby job. I will be an interleague hostess - sort of like a concierge. I am to meet the traveling (opponent) team at Verizon (after scheduling a meeting time and providing directions), show them the venue, inform them of any rules, keep them watered during the bout. It is MADE for me. I'm already tall, loud, visible, and addicted to pumping up the crowd. Note to self: gotta have an HRD fascinator by March. Other note to self: work on that derby cutaway coat! It could be cute in a venue that has functioning AC.

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