Thursday, July 12, 2012

Conroe, so much fun

For the past couple months, have made my way to Conroe as I could, to work with a brand-new team (literally, so new we don't have 10 girls yet so we can scrimmage amongst ourselves). We're at a skating rink with a gorgeous floor and a clean (AND AIR-CONDITIONED) atmosphere, the girls are a ton of fun and so friendly, and I'm learning a lot and having a blast, and you know I am because I wouldn't make a 100-mile round trip if I were not.

Tonight, hope to go. If the rain lets up, I will!

In other news:

  • heading to New Orleans tomorrow for the weekend, to be a Rollerbull
  • next weekend, the 21st, combat auditions for Renfest - I'm slated for at least two fights, so I gotta do good
  • weekend after, the 28th, the wedding!
  • weekend after, August 4, move the giant trailer to faire site
  • August 11, rehearsal begins, and then I officially have no life until after Thanksgiving.
At some point, there will be custom costuming work done, and a hair piece made, and fights to be written, and AAAAAAH it's been six years since I had a new character to figure out.

Things is good right now.

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