Tuesday, May 10, 2011

week 14 update: OMG it's getting easier!

Had to sit out last week due to TMI crap. Went to practice anyway, so I could get credit for attendance, therefore bringing me closer to active Bettie status. Drag that I had to sit out, because lots of girls were absent since HRD tryouts were finishing the next day so they took it off, and the trainer / newbie ratio was awesome. RATS!

On the plus side ... tonight we worked with Russian Cleavage and Princess Prozac, and we worked the hell out of turnaround toe-stops. I mean, like 45 minutes of our 2½ hours. We did one round, RC and PP conferred, and they decided that we needed to work on the turnaround aspect of the move. Well, damn if that wasn't what we needed. I won't say we all nailed it, but all nine of us were measurably better at it by the end of the evening.

I'm looking forward to next week. Hell, I'm looking forward to cheap skate Thursday night! If no one else comes with me, I might just hole up in the star corner and turn around until I get dizzy.

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