Wednesday, June 1, 2011

week 17: in which I am bumped up to Intermediate 2

I missed last week, since I was in South Padre. So I was looking forward to a bit of an ass-kicking, considering I didn't do squat on vacation and I scraped my ankle on a curb ... and hoo BOY, did we ever get one.
I had a few minutes to warm up, so I went to the kiddie pool and did a few turnaround toe-stops at mega-slow, to be sure I remembered the theory. Then a couple easy laps before drill started. Last night, for some reason, it seemed like we spent more drill time than usual going clockwise. (Not that I'm complaining - I'm frighteningly right-leg dominant, and my left leg can use all the workout it can get.) Scissors, squats, one-leg push-offs ... the usual, except let me interject that it was DAMN HOT in there. I don't know if the AC was off, or if the outside was warmer, or if we were just working harder, but I sweated more last night than I think I have since I started in February.

After stretching, they separated the levels, and I went to Intermediate 1. Scar Wars sent me over to Rush and the Intermediate 2s. First, we did mega-laps ... 25 counter-clockwise, then 25 clockwise, then 25 counter-clockwise, then 25 clockwise. That wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, although I am now acutely aware of my new mandate: get my slow ass to speed class. (I did miss part of the third 25 because the ankle scrape was demanding tape.)

After that came the cruel, harsh mistress: the Relay. Sprint to the first line, one-knee 180, 15 sit-ups, sprint back, turnaround toe-stop. Sprint to the second line, two-knee fall, 15 push-ups, sprint back, turnaround toe-stop. Sprint to the end, snowplow, sprint back, baseball slide to tag the next girl. The first time we relayed, I was third, behind Basketcase and Scates. I did not suck.

Then we did push drills, where you line up five or six girls in skater position. They take the hips of the girl in front of them and lock their arms straight, and do not move their feet. The girl in the back does all the pushing, and at the end of a lap she drops the line and sprints to the front, and the new girl in the back pushes for a lap. That was fun, if a little unnerving.

Then came the Relay again. (This time, I did suck.) Then I had to leave, since a) I don't have insurance and couldn't play last-man-standing, and b) it's a looooong drive home.

We get assessed next week. (I am fairly certain I'll stay in Intermediate; I don't think I'm ready for Advanced.)

So on balance: tough workout, but the actual skating part is getting easier. It's not automatic yet, but it's slowly getting more natural. And I am LOVING that I'm toning up!

Things to work on:
- turnaround toe-stop, as usual
- speed
- endurance
- core strength

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