Wednesday, April 18, 2012

and, it got better

I'm over my funk. Practice went GREAT the week after F&F, and last week. I didn't get to go last night because of work (special project, and since I only have to work late like once a year, I figured what the hell).

We've done some more blocking and hitting work. I don't know if it's the personalities, or the chemistry, or just that I marginally know my way around the track better ... I'm getting a lot more out of practice than I did this time last year. The past two weeks, I left rec league smiling.

Tomorrow, one hopes, I'll get to do cheap skate. No speed class Saturday - going to Galveston overnight. HRD bout Saturday evening, so the Hostessa of Awesomenessa will bring derby love, fun, beer, and a minimal knowledge to the masses at Bayou Place. Come out and watch the bout if you have nothing going on Saturday night! Doors open at six, festivities commence at seven, girls are hot, beer's cold, venue has AC, and it's all good.

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